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D21-Studio is a full-service advertising and design studio with its own workshop in Riga, where the real magic comes.

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Rainbow Candy

Our latest cooperation project - Rainbow Candy. 

D21-Studio was invited to create the visual design of the store. Working with the client and realizing his ideas - the solution was formed by itself. Category designations with backlighting is a common and already well-known method in Europe, but we wanted something more, so we created not white or monochrome lighting, but multi-colored with a remote option. In this way, giving the customer the opportunity to match the colors as desired. 

And how without the main pearl of the project -  facade signage...... See them above or on the place at the Rainbow Candy store, 267 Maskavas Street.

Most importantly, this project has been done in D21-Studio, from sketches, design, planning and coordination, fabrication, painting, gluing and installation down to the last screw. When answering the question whether we are just an agency, it would be superfluous to answer with one word.

Let works and customers talk....  

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