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We design and produce all types of signages and visual advertisements from small photos to 3D lettering and LED facades. 

Double-sided light boxes 

Proper advertising is essential for potential customers to learn about your business.


Our LED outdoor lightboxes can be used in several ways, for example, directly at the main entrance of the company or as an informative sign with the company's contacts.

We produce light boxes of this type from both metal and aluminum, using an organic glass of higher strength, thus reducing the possibility of damage to the lightbox.


PLUS: the lightbox is double-sided, which means potential customers can see your business information or logo from both sides of the direction.

Here you can be sure of double attention to your ad.

Another plus is the energy-saving LED lighting.

Thanks to lower consumption, the LED light box reduces your expenses. 

Office / Wall signages

This type of sign is intended for indoor use and can be glued directly to the walls or installed with spacers. 

More often we install this type of sign in reception and waiting rooms. 

We make signs from different types of materials: organic glass, PVC, metal, wood, or veneer. 

Our Latvian customers like signs made of organic glass with a 3D effect, but the choice of materials is a matter of taste and personal needs.

3D lettering / Signage 

3D or spatial letters are a great way to attract potential customers and leave a good impression. 

We make letters from PVC, plastic, aluminum, and organic glass. 

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