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Printing services

D21-Studio offer all types of printing services.

Digital print

One of the most advanced printing methods currently available.

Thanks to the rapid development of technology and a very good price-quality ratio, digital printing is probably the smartest choice for the fast and high-quality reproduction of various products in small and medium quantities - up to several thousand copies.

Large format printing

Large format printing is a type of printing designed for printing large materials.

This type of printing is done on roll or sheet materials using specialized printers and/or plotters. In our case, we use the latest EPSON printers and Roland Plotters.

The types of large format printing are also divided into several categories with the  various possibilities.

Offset printing

Offset printing, also called offset lithography, is a widespread printing technique in which an offset color image applied to a printing form is transferred to offset rubber cylinders and then transferred to paper or other material. Using offset printing, it is possible to print many different products such as cards, booklets, brochures, posters, books, magazines, etc.

We provide offset printing service by cooperating with the best printing houses in Latvia and the Baltic countries, ensuring high quality, the best terms at the most affordable price.

Screen printing

Screen printing is suitable for printing small and medium-sized editions. This type of printing is especially popular in the production of business cards, as well as, for example, invitations, diplomas, greeting cards, etc.

Screen printing is a type of printing when you can print on different materials - thick and colored paper or cardboard, adhesive film, plastic, wood, metal, glass and textiles. We use it very often for all kinds of presentation advertising printing.
By applying this method, the image on the printing surface is many times more durable compared to other modern image transfer systems.

In the screen printing technique, it is possible to achieve a much more saturated and glossy color tone than in offset printing, digital printing, and it is also possible to obtain a small relief on the printed surface.


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