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Stands & Displays

A great way to highlight your product in stores, exhibitions, and sales premises. Creating an advertising campaign for a certain assortment or product and reaching the buyer by attracting attention directly on the store premises. 

D21 designs and manufactures stands that make your product stand out.

Floor stands 

Floor stands are more often used on shop floors to attract potential customers or highlight a specific product. 


We design and manufacture retail stands from wood, veneer, MDF, metal, aluminum composite, and organic glass. 

Stands of this type are distinguished by their longevity and the possibility of using them for advertising various products. Easy to maintain, practical, and with the possibility of adapting to the needs of a specific product. 

While developing the design, we find out the possibilities and location for the customer's stand. 

In this way, we can adapt the stands with or without LED lighting, easily disassembled if the promotion runs in short time periods and of course also have adaptation options.  

Counter top stands

Table tops or counter stands are intended for placing small products or as informative displays. 

More often, stands of this type are used on counters or tables in bars, shopping centers, and hotels.


Stands serve as a self-service opportunity for the customer to choose the product they like while facilitating the work of the service staff, or as a way of presenting the information.


We develop stand designs according to customer wishes and product assortment.  



We develop designs for different types of stands. From small informative table stands to grand exhibition stands. 


Coordination, production delivery, and installation service are also offered.  

Stand hire

We offer informational and sales stands for rent.

The service is suitable for short-term advertising/sales campaigns.

You can get more information about this service by contacting us in the contact section. 

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