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Design services are the basis for new cooperation, so we attach great importance to this service. 

We offer design services for packaging, social media, Identity (Logo), as well as signs and interior elements. 

Packaging design

We also attach great importance to the point of sale, or even to the country - the final consumer - in the development of the packaging design. Manufacturer, Content, Place, Customer, 4 starting points before creating a design. 

Logo design

Logo development is always done in a black-and-white color scheme. then follows the creation of an identity with attractive tones. The logo itself should be pleasant and attractive also in this color scheme. 

Graphic design

Starting with sticker design for packaging, event posters to website design development, event identity and book cover design. 

We have gained the trust of several authors by creating the design for their published works. 

We have worked on the creation of event design for several performers and event organizers. 

We create social media visual design according to the client needs and wishes. 

In two years we have created many different works for our clients. 


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