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We are D21


Advertising and Design Studio 

Why D21? 

The answer is quite simple. 3,2,1 is the most famous countdown before anything that happens anywhere, ever. For example - 3,2,1 and ready; 3,2,1 and we start etc. It's the same with our design, 2, 1, and done. 


Everything starts with an idea, a vision. The thought that creates the first summary of the design, from which the final result itself is created, whether it be a packaging design, signage, or an outdoor advertisement.  

Advertising and design studio? 

What does advertising mean?


Advertising is anything we want to show, sell, or highlight. EVERYTHING !!!


90% of materials that can be touched and viewed are created in the studio. This is where the first samples for serial products, such as trade stands, are created.
Here we produce individually designed advertising signs, billboards, interior elements. We experiment with different materials, looking for new solutions to offer our customers.





The basis of everything was the search for a new job and the realization of ambitions. 
The idea for my own advertising company came to me in England, where I was working in this industry. Returning to Latvia after 10 years, looking for my place here, I realized that this is the time to realize my dream and that I should do what brings satisfaction to myself and those around me.



I am one of those who have always needed recognition in everything I do. And this was my motivator for me to create my individual company, which will also be appreciated by others.


The idea for an advertising company comes from England, where I was working in this industry most of the time. 

The initial idea was  - An agency that provides intermediary services between designers, printers, and manufacturers, and monitors the processes from A to Z  delivering a product to the client. Realizing that the market currently demands more, a workshop was also created in which we produce stands, illuminated advertising signs, interior and exterior elements, and individually designed decors.


We are trusted

Cooperation partners 

Each of our clients is more than a cooperation partner.

When creating a new design, stand or sign, we actively cooperate with the customer, creating a connection and understanding the customer's wishes. 

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